Cutter, a short story, published in Ecotone:


The fine folks at Ecotone have published "Cutter" in their current issue (Winter/Spring 2006). I urge you to subscribe, become a patron, and check out the other great work they have gathered.


Here's the opening:

Wood is not enough and stone not enough. The house is trembling always, and everywhere John sees rotting, cracking, paint peeling, pipes leaking. If the decay is not apparent, it is because it is hidden and pernicious. He feels panicked, as if the house might fly apart at any moment—nails shoot from wood, the walls shudder with fatigue and collapse. The friction that holds the nails is a poor and pitiful force with gravity and entropy conspiring against it. John walks through the house touching the walls with his fingertips. Hold fast, he whispers, hold fast.


And here's a pdf:




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