The 22nd March

March of days march bright to battle
cold and snows struggling buds
in wind and flooding rain.

Doubts persist in dark days of winter’s end
for hopes bud-bright of springing;
Contorted shapes of fear contriving
what new shapes what
hooded phantoms await what freezes
come in night for struggling buds; awaken to what
frolic snows what sharp freeze what
faces of winter lingering.

March in shining armor battle bright
blow back waves of circling dark
advance in grave or stately manner gather
and hold close in muddy spatter, in flat grey of chill
clouded afternoon the vision
of the straining earth blooming towards the sun
of balance tipping, spilling into sun-bright days of
greening, timid germination’s teeming

Let today then be a day of balance tipped
gird ourselves with today’s laughter with today’s
Faces all heart bright scrubbed starch
stiff and smiling
today let be the seedling planted firm
in this light circle
to waltz through spinning season’s mud spattered
tip straining to the sun with weight of this day’s airy pleasures;
flowered treasure’s vision
Night’s dark banish in love-bright swelling days of light


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